13 Free Mind-Blowing Among Us Wallpapers For iPhone That Will Take You to Space
Wallpapers Jul 30, 2023

13 Free Mind-Blowing Among Us Wallpapers For iPhone That Will Take You to Space

Are you a fan of the popular game Among Us and looking to spruce up your iPhone's home screen? Look no further! We have curated an exquisite collection of 13 free mind-blowing Among Us wallpapers that will take you on an interstellar journey to space. From captivating crewmates to mesmerizing space-themed backgrounds, we have it all covered to meet your aesthetic cravings. So, let's dive into the mesmerizing world of Among Us wallpapers and elevate your iPhone's look!

1. Red Wallpaper - The Sus Red Impostor

Witness the iconic red Among Us crewmate in action with this thrilling wallpaper. Whether you are a fan of the innocent crewmates or the sly impostors, this wallpaper will keep you energized and motivated throughout the day.


2. Yellow Wallpaper - The Bright Crewmate

Opt for the sunny and cheerful yellow Among Us crewmate wallpaper that will bring warmth and positivity to your iPhone's display. Let this delightful character remind you to spread joy and happiness wherever you go.


3. Minimalist Starry Wallpaper - A Calming Space Vibe

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of space with this minimalist starry wallpaper. The soothing combination of stars and dark hues will create a calming ambiance on your home screen.


4. Shhhhh - The Secretive Impostor Wallpaper

Embrace the secretive side of Among Us with this "Shhhhh" wallpaper. This enigmatic design will remind you to be vigilant and attentive, just like the impostors in the game.


5. Crew in Space - Together Towards the Stars

Gather your crewmates and embark on an adventure to the stars with this captivating "Crew in Space" wallpaper. It symbolizes teamwork, friendship, and the spirit of exploration.


6. Red Floating in Space - Eerie and Mysterious

Explore the mysteries of space with the "Red Floating in Space" wallpaper. It portrays the lone red crewmate floating in the vastness of the cosmos, adding an eerie and thrilling touch to your iPhone's display.


7. Cool Blue and Green Wallpaper - Chilling in Style

Dive into a world of cool tones and serenity with this blue and green Among Us wallpaper. It's perfect for those who seek relaxation and a refreshing atmosphere.


8. Black Space Wallpaper - Embrace the Darkness

For fans of darker aesthetics, the "Black Space" wallpaper offers a touch of mystery and sophistication. Let the darkness of space be your companion as you navigate through your apps and widgets.


9. Fun Starry Character Wallpaper - Whimsical and Playful

Enjoy the company of adorable Among Us characters against a starry backdrop. This fun and playful wallpaper will brighten up your day and inspire creativity.


10. Dark Aesthetic Wallpaper - Elegance in Darkness

Unleash your inner stylishness with the "Dark Aesthetic" Among Us wallpaper. This stunning dark aesthetic wallpaper design combines elegance with the allure of space, universe and creating a captivating visual experience.


11. Colorful Crewmates - A Burst of Vibrance

Add a splash of colors to your iPhone with the "Colorful Crewmates" wallpaper. This vibrant design showcases the diversity and charm of the Among Us characters.


12. Blue Wallpaper - Tranquility Personified

Bathe your screen in a sea of blue with this tranquil Among Us wallpaper. The calming effect of this hue will make your iPhone experience all the more pleasant.


13. Cute Crewmates - Endearing and Charming

Wrap up your Among Us journey with this endearing "Cute Crewmates" wallpaper. The adorable crewmates will undoubtedly bring a smile to your face whenever you glance at your phone.


Now, with these 13 free mind-blowing Among Us wallpapers at your disposal, you have the power to transform your iPhone's appearance and take it on a cosmic adventure. Make your home screen a visual delight that resonates with your love for the popular game.

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